Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday.

Last week's party was so much fun to look through.  I don't normally just feature room makeovers for my frugal round-up, but there were so  many great reveals linked up last week, I just couldn't help myself.

For my frugal round-up, here are a few of my favorites...

Urbane Jane shared an adorable nursery reveal!  I love the serene color scheme.

My Garden Diaries made great use of an awkward space with this darling mudroom!

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4 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts~

Oh my goodness. Did you know that Valentine's Day is in two weeks? Oh, you did?  I see.

Normally, I'm the kind of gal that puts out the Valentine's decorations in mid-January.  But somehow the month got away from me, and I just realized that February starts on Friday. 



So here I am, two days away from the Month o' Love with nary a Valentine-related decoration to be found in my house.

But luckily, I have some grrrrreat Valentine's Day Crafts in the archives...so today, I'm going to share them with you... (and then, I'm going to go pull them out and decorate my house...better late than never, I always say.)

Here's a fun idea for Valentine's cards that you can create with your kiddos.  Quick, easy and adorable!

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E-A-T: How I Created A Kitchen Focal Point Out of Cardboard Letters~

In yesterday's kitchen update reveal, you may have noticed the E-A-T letters above our cabinets.  (Or you may not have - they are kind of small in the photo.)  Today, I wanted to share with you how I created our "EAT" sign.  You've probably seen similar letters all over blogland.  They couldn't be easier to create, and they make a perfect focal point for any empty wall space in your kitchen.

In our kitchen, we have a big empty space between the tops of the cabinets, and the ceiling.  I prefer to keep this space clear of knick-knacks or plants, but it was boring and just BEGGING for something.  So I considered the alternatives and decided that a word of some sort would be the best thing to put there.  And what better word for a kitchen than "EAT"?

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Kitchen Update~

Last week I shared a few sneak peeks of how we updated our kitchen. If you recall, since we live in a rental, we can't change the cabinetry or the counter tops. But ever since I upholstered my bar stools, I have been itching to spruce up the rest of the kitchen as well.

And what is the easiest way to give a room a different feel? Why, paint of course! So, last week, we painted the back splash in the kitchen. (And by we, I really mean, the hubby painted while I "supervised".)

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We Have a Winner~

Oh my goodness!!

Yesterday was so much fun!   I hope you had a great time travelling back in time yesterday and laughing at our childhood portraits!

Did you guess who I was?  Did you guess who anyone was??

Yep! This is me...at age 15 and now (well, in October of last year)...

There were so many of you who were soooooo close to guessing all the DIY bloggers correctly, but finally one person...one blogger...one true DIY fan rose to claim victory! Please meet the winner of the Before They Were Bloggers Contest:

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Can You Name These Popular DIY Bloggers??~

**Update: We have a winner! This contest is now closed...you can still have a good laugh by trying to guess who's who just for fun though!

Oh the good old days!  Let's take a ride in that DeLorean parked outside and go back in time. Back to a time before there was Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Before chevrons, mercury glass and ombré were hot. And most importantly, before there were blogs!

We're going back to when these DIY gals were worrying about how high they could get their hair or if there food in their braces! Talking on the phone for hours meant stretching that long spiral cord beyond its limits and tying up the only phone in the house much to the chagrin of mom and dad.

Common purchases for these DIY gals may have been the latest cassette tape, neon bracelets, a swatch watch and a forenza sweater. You wouldn't catch them dead in the hardware store, totally unheard of to the max!

Are you there yet? Do you see leg warmers or jelly sandals? You're getting closer...the time machine has stopped so step out of your DeLorean and behold...the time before blogs:


Do you recognize any of these popular DIY bloggers?

I don't know how "popular" these ladies were back then. Do you think you could recognize them in High School, Middle School or Elementary School? For sure!

But, these awkward youngsters will one day be the brains behind your favorite DIY blogs. And they are giving a $300 Lowe's Gift Card to the first person who can guess which faces match with which DIY blogs.
Here are the blogs to match:

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

It's been a terribly cold week here in Utah, so I had an especially good time curling up on the couch and looking through last week's links.

For this week's Frugal Round-up, here are a few of my favorite posts from last week's party.

First, Blissfully Ever After shared her dining room turned home office.  Such a great use of space!

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A Few Kitchen Sneak Peeks~

We've been really busy at our house this week...sprucing up the kitchen.  Ever since I upholstered my bar stools, I've had a bee in my bonnet.   I posted about the ideas I had for our kitchen last week.  But if you missed that post - and don't want to click over - let me briefly recap.

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What I "Wood" Do (With a Pretty Pile of Wood)~

Last week I showed you this pile of wood.  And asked you what you "wood" do with it...

I also promised to show you what I did with it.

So here's what I did...

I used the wood to create this beautiful piece of art for the Loft Bedroom.  And when I say I created the art, what I really mean is that it was a collaborative effort between my Papa, the Hubby and me.  I came up with the initial idea based loosely on some art I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog and a photo I pinned on Pinterest.

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

I had a great time looking through all the posts from last week...so many fun posts!

For this week's frugal round-up I chose three of those great posts to share with you.

First, Domestic Imperfection shared a cute and clever family command center.  I love the map magnet board!

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What "wood" you do?~

Once upon a time there was a mommy/blogger/interior designer/daughter/sister/friend who had a lot of stuff going on all at the same time - I'm pretty sure you all understand exactly what I'm talking about.  Am I right?

Since she had so much going on, all of her creative projects were in various states of  not-quite-finished-ness (yes, that is a word).

So instead of blogging a fabulous project...she decided to show her readers a pile of wood.  Yep.  Wood.

But she promised her readers, that if they were patient for a few more days, they would find out what all that wood became.  And she promised them that it would be worth wait - even if she did say so herself.

While they were all waiting, she decided to play a little game with her readers called "What 'wood' you do?"  It's a simple game...she just thought it would be fun if her readers left a comment saying what they thought they "wood" do if they had a pile of wood like the one she showed them.  Keep in mind, the wood is smaller than it might look in the photo. 

So tell me my dear readers,  what "wood" you do? 

And I promise that next week, I'll show you what I did with that wood.  It's pretty cool....yeah, I'm humble like that. ;-)


Kitchen Update Ideas~

It's no secret that we rent our home. I've mentioned it many times on the blog.  And I've also mentioned that our landlords have been very generous in allowing us to make changes like painting, "drawing" on the entry wall,  and even adding board and batten to the kid's bathroom.

One thing we can't change, however, are the finishes in the kitchen.  And although the kitchen isn't bad...it's not what I would choose if I could.  The dining room portion of the kitchen is lovely, so it is what I have focused my time and energies on.

Dining Area

But I think the kitchen is feeling neglected (because kitchens have feelings, you know.) So I've been trying to decide how best to "perk up" the kitchen without changing cabinet color etc.

I've done a couple of things already...for instance, I hid the ugly computer cords at the kitchen desk.


How to Upholster Barstools and Studio 5~

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to appear on Studio 5  where I talked about actually making some of those projects I've been pinning on Pinterest .  

My completed Pinterest-inspired project

As you can tell from this photo, I have had these black saddle-style bar stools for quite a while.

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!  I realize most of you who link up don't read "da rules" anymore because you've read them before, so I just wanted to make a note up here at the top.  I love, love, love having you all  link up every week, but I would like to amend a rule. I would really like to make sure that the posts that are linked up are your own projects. I have noticed many posts that are for Etsy shops, giveaways, reviews or features of other bloggers' work.  While these posts are great and have a place here in blogland, they really aren't in keeping with the spirit of Frugal Friday.  So please refrain from linking these types of posts to this party.  Okay, off my soap box.  Thanks!!

Now for my Frugal Round-up...

Are you a resolution maker?  I am.  And so I wanted to share this cute FREE New Year's Resolution Printable which was linked by Carissa Miss. What a fun way to keep track of your goals!

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Updating Vintage Deer Antlers~

Today I'm sharing another treasure I received from my parents - a set of vintage deer antlers!

I was so excited to get these from them, but I wasn't jazzed with the way they were mounted. The highly varnished wood plaque and the red velvet just wasn't cutting it for me. So I decided to give the whole thing a bit of a facelift. I started by sanding and painting over the plaque with a coat of creamy white paint.

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2013 Word of the Year~

Growing up, my mother always had little sayings that she would share with us.  Words for us to live by, if you will.  And as I grew, I did adopt many of them.  One of my favorite sayings that I learned from my mother is "Bloom Where You Are Planted".

2012 was a year with its own set of challenges.  I'll be honest, it was quite a difficult year for me.  But through the challenges, I was impressed with a very important fact.  Although we can't choose what happens to us, we are 100% in control of how we react to it.  Our circumstances are not always within our control, but our attitudes are. 

So this year, I have chosen the word BLOOM as my 2013 word of the year.  

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

So glad you could join me for the first Frugal Friday of 2013!!

For this week's Frugal Round-up I'm sharing a few cute dresser projects that were linked up last week.

First, Between the Rafters shared an adorable world map dresser redo.  LOOOOVE this!

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Reviving a Vintage Trophy Cup: Polishing Silver Naturally~

I've mentioned before that my mother is a world-class collector.   And not only that, but she has impeccable taste.  The great thing about this is that pretty much any time I get a bee in my bonnet, I can count on her to have just what I'm looking for.  (That is if I can sweet talk her out of it.)

I have been wanting a vintage silver trophy cup for a long time now - okay, let's be honest, I'd really like to have a few silver trophy cups.  But, my cute mom was willing to part with only one.  Lol!  Seriously, though, I was soooo excited when she agreed to give me one - I don't want to sound ungrateful.

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